DIY or Hiring an Installer to finish your Job?

August 16, 2019

DIY arrives at Pladur

More and more people choose to carry out their work with Pladur on a small scale in their own home, with the intention of saving or simply as a hobby of DIY, hence the DIY movement is stronger every day.
DIY or “Do It Yourself” (Do it yourself) gains followers thanks to the information provided by the internet, and in the case of Pladur it was not going to be less.

Many times, hiring an installer means expenses that not everyone can afford, and in addition, we may consider whether it is really worthwhile for both parties to hire a crew of installers for a job that will only require us 4 or 5 hours, since it will be necessary to assume some costs derived from the displacements, diets and movements of material that in many occasions can suppose more than half of the cost of the final invoice. If we decide that we are prepared to perform these small repair work, it is very likely that we can save these added costs, reducing the amount of the invoice only to the cost of the material.

And why not do it yourself?

Imagine that we need to install a home theater projector, or install a new LED lighting system more efficient than our old halogen spotlights for more sustainable ones.

For several months now I have not opened my toolbox and I realize that I need to buy scissors for profiles, a trowel, some spatulas and some hardware to make this small reform. You would also need a plasterboard screwdriver. All this will cost, immediately on the work, but these tools will become part of my box for future work.
Many installers buy tools through distributors that offer us much tighter discounts than in the usual market.

If we are not installers and we want to save money by installing plasterboard we will have to get a basic assortment of tools, which although it is an expense at the beginning, surely we will end up amortizing it over time.
As in everything, it is convenient to ensure that the investment we make in tools corresponds to the use we plan to make of them, because nobody in their right mind would invest € 500 in a nailer that will be used twice in life …
We need tools, and we don’t want to leave a lot of money in them, I think the solution is to acquire second-hand tools!
The second-hand market has become very popular in our country in recent years thanks to platforms such as Milanuncios or Wallapop. Surely you or someone you know has investigated on some occasion by any of these websites!

In the case of Pladur, I think I have found a perfect alternative!
Construplace, the web that I come to present to you, is a new web portal of announcements exclusively for professionals of the Construction. That is, both companies and individuals, can upload their items to sell.

buy second hand tools

The page offers a system very similar to Wallapop, we can directly contact the seller and ask questions if we have them, or stay to see or buy the product.
Being focused exclusively on construction, the web is divided into professions (masons, plasterers, plasterers …) which makes the search quite simple.

Apparently, distributors can also open an account on this portal, and offer their stock materials or balances at very tight prices.
DIATERM, my usual store when I have to buy plates or insulation, has also started offering products through Construplace, I leave you a link.
In summary

Finally I take home some tools that are sure to meet my leftover requirements, and better yet, I think this website gives me a great opportunity to sell some tools that I have at home in good condition.

Now you know one more method to get tools that help us with the DIY Pladur. Have you tried the web? Are you a regular buyer of second-hand machinery? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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