Thermal Insulation in Our House

August 19, 2019

Today I woke up wanting to talk about different ways of thermally insulating, it is clear that I will be able to go into more detail in everything related to insulation with Pladur, as it is the system where I think I can contribute more for my years of experience, but I will try to give some notes on other traditional construction systems to try to help as much as possible.

If you want more information about thermal insulation, you can read this Wikipedia article that is convinced that it explains it much better than I could do, in this other article you will find the coefficient of thermal conductivity of an endless list of insulating materials.
Thermal Insulation and Energy Dependence

It is clear that the better thermal insulation, lower fuel consumption to heat or cool our home, so it is patent that if we improve the efficiency of our insulation, we will save in the medium and short term on our electricity and gas bills, reducing once our dependence on fossil fuels and at the same time with large national and international energy oligopolies.

In my opinion, current regulations regarding thermal insulation in Spain are very lax. The authorities have been very little concerned about the energy efficiency of buildings and homes, being influenced by consultants linked to large construction companies and energy companies, which allows large construction companies to save costs on the construction of buildings and increase their benefits and in the same way they increase the sales of the electric, gas and oil companies … come on, a round business for all but the consumer. And the politicians? Well I do not know, but some end up on the boards of directors or as advisors to large construction companies and energy companies. What a great paradox, advise me, so that I can then advise you, but a doubt assails me. If in your day I hired you to advise me on something that had no technical knowledge? Now what can I advise you if you have more knowledge than me?

In short, once my vindictive point of view has become clear and being aware that I will be able to change little, I will try to explain to you as much as possible some solutions so that you can consider some solutions to thermally insulate your house, and in the process save money on heating and air conditioning, reducing our energy dependence on fossil fuels.
How can I improve the thermal insulation of my house?

If your home is already built, you can basically plan the thermal insulation of your house by attacking four different fronts.

Thermal isolation
Thermal insulation of the facade

There are two ways to improve the thermal insulation of the facade of a house or a building.

If the house is already built, a very good solution would be to blow rock wool (I just tried it in my house, I am waiting for the next winter to be able to tell how it has gone), although we can also resort to the insufflation of mineral wool or cellulose, filling the air chamber with insulating materials of very low thermal conductivity that will greatly improve the insulation of your home.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking of building your home, you have many more options, such as increasing the amount of standard insulation on the walls of the facade with different insulating materials, such as Rockwool rock wool, Isover mineral wool, insulating cellulose Composed of recycled paper, totally organic hemp vegetable fiber or even with recycled wool. All these materials are currently used to fill the existing air chamber between the facade and the interior walls of Pladur or ceramic work.
Thermal Insulation with Quality Enclosures

Obviously, we can not talk about quality insulation without taking into account the external enclosures, these enclosures are made totally necessary to achieve a total tightness of the house, thereby avoiding heat loss.

The best option is to resort to windows with thermal break and glass with double waterproof air chamber. If your budget is more limited, an option to keep in mind is to keep the old windows flush inside the house and place a double flush window to the facade, the latter is not a very orthodox solution, but manages to add extra insulation than the New window provides you and also creates an air chamber between both windows that will increase thermal insulation and at the same time sound insulation.
Thermal Insulation of the Cover

If you live in an apartment with neighbors on the top floor you will not need to insulate anything, since that work your neighbor will do for you, offering you isolation and usually the comfort of having a heated temperature above your head. Obviously, nothing is free, if your neighbor is loud, you may have to think about acoustically isolating.

If, on the other hand, you have the roof on your home, it would not be too much to think about projecting rock wool eraser on the floor of the air chamber, 10 or 15 cm of rock wool, they will very effectively improve the thermal insulation of the cover.
Thermal Soil Insulation

This is a difficult solution if you have not acted at the source, but there is a very interesting material called Isover PST, it is a high density mineral wool panels that can be placed under the floating parquet, the system is fully passable and also offering good thermal insulation, it offers excellent results in acoustic insulation due to impact noise.
The Best Solution for Thermal Insulation

Obviously, the best solution to insulate thermally, is to think about optimizing the insulation from the construction of the house, this will save us a lot of money, since it is not the same to pay a small extra cost for the improvement of quality, than having to go back to pay the totality or even something else by having to do the work again once we are living in our house.

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