Why mount a removable vinyl roof?

August 22, 2019

Are you thinking of mounting a removable roof

Why mount a removable vinyl roof?

The removable vinyl roof has many advantages over other removable suspended ceilings, since it is an economical false ceiling with a contained weight, it is practical, it has a high level of light reflection and is very clean since it can be washed with a wet cloth and some soap.

Like all recordable ceilings, it is a fully practicable roof, allowing the removal of each of the plates to access the interior of the false ceiling (plenum) to perform maintenance and repair of installations and pipes.

Advantages of a Vinyl Removable Roof

.- Having a level of content prices makes it ideal for assembling stores, stores and offices where you need to adjust the budget.

.- The high level of reflection of the ceiling light will allow us to save day-to-day consumption of the electricity bill, since we will be able to maximize energy expenditure and optimize the use of natural and electrical lighting.

.- As it is a washable suspended ceiling, it will allow us to maintain it correctly, remembering that almost all the recordable ceilings should not be painted, since when painting the plate we also paint the metal profile, creating a joint between the plate-profile which makes it difficult to disassemble and once the plate is disassembled, the paint remains in the form of a saw blade to the profile, with the consequent skinning of the surface layer of the plate, visually deteriorating the ceiling.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Removable Ceilings

.- The vinyl recordable false ceiling, as it has a high level of light reflection, also has a high level of sound reflection, so it is not recommended for places where there is a high turnout of people, ambient music or a considerable level. of noise, since it is not intended to acoustically correct room noise. In this type of situation we must resort to specific ceilings for acoustic conditioning.

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